So, Ojukwu was actually brilliant, had foresight and was astute?

So, Ojukwu was actually brilliant, had foresight and was astute?

Onu kwuru njo, emecha oga ekwu mma - Igbo proverb

A mouth that says bad about something or someone (unjustly) will later say good about that thing or someone.

The following was a response by a Yoruba man to my update on one Nigeria in a closed group.

To be clear, I respect and salute the sincerity of this man because it takes uncommon courage to state the truth considering the amount of propaganda, misinformation, fabrications and outright lies out there.

I pray we have more Nigerians like this man.

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx: Afam B C Nnaji, You are only a rabble rouser!! Ralph is still pursuing the agenda of the Biafran nation. We all celebrated Oga Odumegwu Ojukwu for his brilliance, foresight and astuteness. He lived ahead of his fellow Countrymen. He saw what we did not see as at that time.
However, if you are still living in the past now in 2013, you are the greatest fool. You kept dancing to old tunes. Is it not time for you to sing a new song. Do you know how many Yoruba officers fought for Biafra? Major Wale Ademoyega, Col Victor Banjo, Capt. Ganiyu Adeleke, Wole Soyinka and countless of NCOs'
I beg find something else to say. This is stale news.

So, Ojukwu was actually brilliant, had foresight and was astute?

So, Ojukwu lived ahead of his fellow countrymen?

So, Ojukwu saw what non Biafrans did not see as at that time?

Ask majority of the Igbos and they will tell you that they know all these things concerning Ojukwu and Biafra so this is not new but coming from a Yoruba man it is refreshing.

How come some Yorubas that experienced the civil war have this opinion concerning Ojukwu yet out there the general belief is that Ojukwu was bad, he was greedy, he was stubborn and caused the civil war even when the truth remains that he protected his people and opted out since the lives of Biafrans were not guaranteed anywhere outside the then Eastern region?

When will people like the man above educate other Nigerians that have a very wrong notion about Ojukwu and very faulty knowledge about the civil war and what led to it?

Is this one of the reasons why the Nigeria-Biafra civil war history is not being taught in our schools? Who is afraid of the truth?

For how long will Nigeria continue to live a lie about her history?

As I always say

The truth remains the truth even if no one believes it.

A lie remains a lie even if everyone believes it.

Every lie comes with an expiry date.

How about a truth and reconciliation project in Nigeria?

How about a sincere and honest discussion amongst Nigerians where our fears, hopes, aspirations, problems etc can be discussed with an open mind?

Mind you, Nigeria has all it takes to ensure that no Nigerian regardless or tribe or religion is left behind?

A nation so richly blessed with abundant natural and human resources has no business discussing poverty.

What needs to be done? Any arrangement that is not built on the truth will crash one day.

Who is afraid of the truth? Why should we be afraid of things other people did? Who said that Mr A should be held responsible for what Mr B did?

The ball is in our court. The future of Nigeria is in our hands. Which direction should we take? Remember, the decision is ours to make and naturally the consequences, ours to bear.

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