The avoidable religious crisis brewing in Kaduna state on my mind

The avoidable religious crisis brewing in Kaduna state on my mind

Africa would have been a great continent by now if not for the Europeans and Arabs that came with the two competing religions that originated from the same people in the same region in the Middle East?

How can anyone explain why someone would murder another person that did absolutely nothing wrong to him apart from the fact that they practice different religions or different sects within the same religion?

If I have the power all foreign religions will be banned in Africa, Nigeria, Igboland so that we will try to think, act, behave and reason like brothers and sisters that share the same history and have more or less the same future.

Religion even in it's purest form encourages segregation, hatred, dislike, discrimination, arrogance and supremacy traits.

If you cannot love a fellow human being you can see, feel and touch then it is impossible for you to love God that you cannot see, feel and touch.

God couldn't have asked you to kill anyone on his behalf so who do you want to impress when you murder your fellow human being in cold blood all in the name of religion?

The avoidable religious crisis brewing in Kaduna state on my mind.

What has the president said or done to arrest this unfortunate development?

Are we not tired of spilling innocent blood in this country?

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